Why should you take food photos?

In Inspiration by max

We have all seen that one person who before eating, takes out their DSLR camera or smartphone and proceeds to take a series of beautiful photos of their food. Some of you may laugh at this and consider it to be a frivolous activity; but when you actually take a moment to analyse this type of photography, you can see that it has many benefits, and is great fun too!

To shed some light on this subject and to show you how awesome food photography can be; we have provided 6 different reasons as to why the next time you step into a restaurant, you should take a photo or two of your main course – Bon appetite!

To enhance your dining/travel experience

Travel and food photography often go hand in hand – those who love to travel also often love to sample local cuisine and eat out or visit local markets to gain insight into how the people live and what they enjoy eating.  There are even special sources that are dedicated to the culinary travel experience. There is nothing better than sitting down at a quiet restaurant filled with locals and trying out some of their favourite dishes – forget about going into big chain restaurants or fast food places. Due to this need to explore and desire to sample traditional food, it makes sense to take photos of your meals too to enhance your experience!

To expand your portfolio

If you are an aspiring photographer, blogger or professional; taking food photos is a great way to showcase your talents and expand your portfolio. Photography is a visual craft – the more examples of your work you can display, the more a potential customer can understand your skills and style. Taking beautifully crafted photos of a delicious dessert or a magnificent main and uploading them to social media or your personal portfolio can do wonders for your business!

To provide you hands-on photography experience

Photographers learn by experience – this is a well-known fact. The more you handle and use a camera, the more you become accustomed to its settings, how it works, and what you can achieve. Instead of simply working in the studio, take your camera with you wherever you go and snapshots at restaurants and street vendors! Continual usage of your camera will help you create improved food shots, and generally enhance your photography skill set. You will become accustomed to what settings you require, how to tackle difficult lighting situations, and how best to compose your food shots.

To help tell a story

Food photographs can greatly improve your story-telling ability. Regardless of how fantastic your writing skills are, and how vividly you can describe a piece of food; there is no substitute for an actual photograph. If you run a travel blog or a personal photography blog for example, you can lace your articles with stunning pictures of the food you have sampled – this can help build up a picture of the place you visited, and give readers a visual example of what you tasted.

Written content is always received better if it has accompanying photos – this is even more critical in the online world where information can be accessed in a matter of seconds, and thus people’s attention spans are shorter. Use food photography to help tell your story, and to capture the imagination of your readers.

To help learn the importance of staging and preparation

Food photographs often require special staging and preparation. Sometimes you can simply take a photo of your food and the end result will be superb. Other times however, you may need to move items around on the table, take undesirable objects out of the frame, or even alter the presentation of your food slightly to make it look more appealing. There are numerous different techniques you can use to stage your food shots and prepare for your photos. As you start taking food photos, you will learn more and more, and you will improve your skill and technique exponentially.

To serve as a visual reminder

Have you ever re-visited your favourite city, anxious to head on over to that fabulous restaurant you enjoyed that gorgeous meal at, only to forget where the restaurant was situated, or what the meal was called? Have you ever wanted to simply look back through your adventures and remember what delightful dishes you have tasted? If you don’t have any photos, then you are simply pulling these thoughts from your memory. Taking food photos is a great way to give yourself a visual reminder and to have something tangible you can look at.

There you have it, 6 awesome reasons to photograph your food today! The next time you embark on a culinary adventure, why not document your feasting and try your hand at turning your cuisine into a work of art?