Lightroom Extensions: Photo Effects

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Adobe Lightroom is the most well-known and popular pieces of post-processing software available today. This program allows photographers to edit their RAW files to an immense level of detail and create some absolutely stunning end results. It is possible to use Lightroom to edit such things as saturation, white balance, highlights, clarity and exposure.

Furthermore, it is also possible to apply a range of photo effects and pre-sets to quickly edit a set of photos. Aside from the standard Lightroom pre-sets and effects, it is also possible to download and install a variety of third-party plugins – these plugins are a fantastic way to extend the functionality of Lightroom and provide yourself with a greater range of editing flexibility. To help your post-processing venture, we have scoured the web and gathered 6 amazing photo-effect plugins – these plugins can transform your beautiful compositions into works of art!

Google Nik

Many people do not realize that digital giants Google have actually created a sublime set of photo effects for Lightroom. The Google Nik collection is hugely popular and well known for its high quality and versatility. Included in the Google Nik collection is 7 different plugins, each of which offers something slightly different.
Color Efex Pro, for example, allows you to modify your photo’s colors in great detail. You can use a range of visual presets and filters to brighten your photography and turn bland photos into scenes of joy. Silver Efex Pro, on the other hand, provides a magnificent array of black and white photo presets including presets that emulate particular film styles. This collection is comprehensive and a great addition to your Lightroom suite.

FX Photo Studio

FX Photo Studio is one of the popular photo effects of its kind. Each of its filters can be adjusted, it is also possible to apply an effect to the specific part of your photo. It can be used as either a standalone program or as a Lightroom plugin – if you don’t own a copy of Lightroom you can simply use FX Photo studio instead.

If you want to create some fantastic and varied photo effects this has to be one of the best plugins available. The library contains a large array of different pre-sets and filters that can transform ordinary photos into memorable works of art. Examples of filters include warm, rainbow, pencil sketch, ancient, brush strokes and twilight. The filters are perfect if you wish to create promotional and marketing material that stands out.


AutoFX provides a series of Lightroom and Photoshop plugins at reasonable prices. For example, the Mystical Modules and Photographic Edges Modules both contain thousands of different filters and effects that you can apply through Lightroom to your photos. If you want to process your photos and create standout end products any of the four different modules are a great addition to your Lightroom catalogue.

The four main products are Mystic Modules FX Gen2, DreamSuite Modules FX Gen2, Automagic Modules FX Gen2 and Photographic Edges Modules. Each module contains a variety of effects and presets. For example, the Automagic Module contains effects such as acrylic, watercolor and oil – the quality is fantastic and the end result looks extremely professional.

Ex Digitals Moody Presets

If you want to create a muted set of photos for specific occasions such as photo shoots or weddings, Ex Digitals Moody Presets is the perfect collection. This Lightroom plugin can be found through Adobe Exchange and can be bought for a one-off payment of $20.00. For that sum you receive 50 superb presets featuring muted colours, selective colour and stylish effects suited for portrait photography in particular.

Many of the presets use a low level of saturation which is perfect for professional photo shoots, magazine covers and promotional material for example. In terms of technical data, the plugin is compatible with Lightroom 5-7 and CC on both Windows and Mac devices.

Miracle Design Photo Presets

This is another fantastic set of photo effect presets that you can find through the Adobe Exchange marketplace. For just $12.00, this plugin provides great value for money and some fantastic presets to use on your photography. “Photo presets of Lightroom” is developed by Miracle Design and you can find some of their other work through Adobe Exchange.

Included in the plugin is a staggering 800 different Lightroom presets for Adobe Lightroom versions 5 and later. The plugins are split down into categories including Black & White, Color Creative Presets, Cross Process Effects, Monochrome Effects, Vignettes and Frames and Sky Graduated Filters. Each preset has been carefully developed and can create some fine end results.

BeArt Presets Free Lightroom Presets

This popular plugin has a five-star rating on Adobe Exchange and is completely free to use. Created by BeArt presets, this plugin features a series of wonderful hand-crafted photo presets that can turn your portraits and landscape shots into true works of art. The plugin file includes detailed instructions and is compatible with Lightroom versions 4-6 and CC.

There are 10 presets in total, each of which includes full editing instructions – all you have to do is literally select the preset from the list and apply it to your photo. The different effects used are perfect for cropped photography and portraits and can create some professional end results.

There you have it – 6 awesome photo effect plugins for Lightroom. If you regularly use this piece of software to edit your photos then you will benefit greatly from using these pre-sets and manipulation tools. If you have used any of these plugins then feel free to share your experiences!