Simple Ways to Get Sharp Photos

In Photography Tips by max

Do you ever wonder why your camera can’t take photos as sharp as those you keep seeing on the internet? While sometimes this is simply because of a better camera, mostly the reason for photos that are not so sharp is because photographers tend to omit some important things from the process of taking a photo. These simple tips and tricks can help improve your photos’ overall sharpness a great deal, so go through them carefully.

  1. Use an Appropriate Aperture

Yes, a wider aperture helps you take photos with a faster shutter speed but you also need to understand that the smaller the f-number is on your camera, the shallower the depth of field will be. This is great for portraits, where you would want the background to be blurred out and the subject is perfectly still for you to focus properly, but the same aperture setting will not be suitable for a busy scene because your camera might not focus precisely on the point you want it to focus on. So use a narrower aperture for busier scenes to get more in focus.

  1. Use a Low ISO

The ISO is the biggest culprit for bringing unwanted noise into your photos, and hence cause them to look blurry. Keep this value as low as you can during day time, and find out what the maximum usable limit of your camera’s ISO is for night shots. The lower values can be offset with a wider aperture and slower shutter speed to get ideal exposure.

  1. Shoot in RAW

You won’t believe the amount of detail you can pull from your image if it was shot in RAW format. For example, if you take a RAW photo with a low ISO and later find out that the exposure isn’t perfect, you can get a great deal of light back into your image simply through the RAW processing.

  1. Give Your Camera Some Stability

First, you should learn how to properly hold your camera to minimize the shake while taking a photo. Then, you should invest in a tripod for any sort of stationary shooting. A tripod is an essential device to taking tack sharp photos of landscapes, architecture, or the night sky. If you like to walk around while taking photos, consider buying a monopod instead. This added stability goes a long way into making your photos sharp and well-focused.

  1. Use Optical Zoom

A great advantage of cameras with interchangeable lenses is that you can easily slap on lenses of different focal lengths. It’s always better to zoom into your subject optically rather than cropping them later on your computer. Cropping an image digitally almost always leads to drop in quality, so it’s better to either get closer to your subject when shooting or investing in a good telephoto lens. You can even get compact cameras with super zoom lenses these days.


So the next time you go out to take photos, keep these tips in mind. You’ll see how much difference these simple tricks make to the overall quality and sharpness of your photos.