How to Choose the Right Camera for Your Needs

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I see a lot of new photographers trying to find the best camera out there, with no knowledge of what each type of camera is best suited for and what their own needs are. Most people, when they want to get into photography, tend to go out and buy a DSLR camera when they might not even need all that power.

If you want to buy your first camera, it would be very helpful for you to actually do some research as to which kind is best suited to your needs. But first, read this post to get a basic idea of what each camera type is and what you can achieve with it.

Compact Cameras – From Casual to Enthusiast

If the extent of your photographic endeavors will be taking photos at family vacations and parties, you could get by with a compact camera. While most compact cameras come in small bodies with not-so-great sensors, there are those that are aimed at enthusiast and professional photographers. These, unlike DSLRs, can be had for quite cheap and are lightweight and small enough not to be burden.

So take a look at some of the best high end, manually controlled compact cameras available because chances are that these will be all you need.

Bridge Cameras – For a More Ergonomic Photographic Feel

If you want a camera that handles like a DSLR but doesn’t vary in quality based on what lens is attached to it, then you should look for Bridge Cameras. These cameras usually have larger sensors than typical point-and-shoot cameras, and complete manual controls for your creative needs. They also typically have super-zoom lenses, so they can be used for a variety of shooting needs from casual family photos to landscape and action photos.

Mirrorless Cameras – A Lighter and Smaller Alternative to DSLRs

If you are even slightly involved in photography news or technology, chances are that you have heard the term mirrorless camera. These are what many people call the future of photography, as they combine an immense amount of power in bodies that are a little larger than an enthusiast compact camera. Mirrorless cameras have fast autofocus, small bodies, and a massive lens collection. They can even be used with lenses that are not originally made for them through the use of adapters. So if you want a DSLR just because it’s the more ‘professional’ type of camera, do some reading about mirrorless technology.

DSLR Cameras – A Matter of Personal Choice

As previously mentioned, a mirrorless camera is as close as it gets to a full blown DSLR. However, DSLRs do have a few advantages still over mirrorless cameras. These include quicker autofocus for action and sports, and a larger variety of native lenses created for these cameras. Ultimately, the choice between one and the other comes down to personal preference, and both these systems can be used for professional photography.

So now that you know a little about the different choices in cameras that you have, do a little thinking as to what you want to use your new camera for before making the purchase.