Start Using Social Media to Your Advantage

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Social media has really changed the way the world communicates with one another. So many people around the world get their information exclusively via social media websites, be it Facebook, Twitter, or any else.

So when you know that these social platforms have so much reach and so much potential, why haven’t you started using them for your personal benefit as a photographer?

Get Your Work Seen!

Once you upload something on a social media site, you’re putting it in front of millions of potential eyes. It’s important, therefore, to put up work that you want people to see. You also need to learn how to label and title your photos properly. Whichever site you choose to showcase your work, it’s important that you understand how you can maximize the reach of your art.

For Facebook – Make a Page

As a staggering amount of people who use social media regularly are on Facebook, uploading your photos here can be huge. But your Facebook account probably has your friends and family added in it too, which means you might post more casual photos on the website from time to time.

That is why it is important that you make a professional Facebook page for your work. This will help you create a distinction between casual uploads and those that you want potential buyers and clients to see. Upload to your page regularly, write engaging captions and, if possible, run a paid promotion for some time to get more followers.

For Instagram – Be Distinct

Being distinct on Instagram entails two things. First, you should use separate accounts for professional and casual posts. And second, you need to define your individual style.

The former condition is important because once someone opens up your Instagram profile, they see the first few photos you’ve posted right away. These photos, if you are trying to make a name for yourself, should not be casual family ones but rather very carefully chosen ones that you want people to see.

The second condition is important because Instagram is filled to the brim with exceptional photographers from around the world, and it is very hard to make your name here in more niches than one. So take some time to develop your skills, learn what kind of photos you excel in taking, and then make an account on Instagram. Try to upload only within your selected niche, so that your profile has a theme to it when someone opens it. Also, hashtags are important and they need to be precise and well-thought.

Whether you choose to make your photographer profile on Facebook or Instagram, you can be sure of having potential access to millions of customers. All it takes is some commitment, hard work, and a dedication to taking photos. Be smart about what you upload, and how frequently you upload, and try to be regular with your posts. Keep your audience engaged with interesting captions and stories about your images, and your social media presence will sky-rocket before you know it.